France No. 125

23 Jun

the_hatepinks-tete_malade_sick_in_the_headThe Hatepinks / Tete Malade: TKO

“Un dois trois fois” is not exactly what you expect to hear belched and bleeding from the beginning of a Dickies-style punk jab at international notoriety, but then again, I suppose it’s time writers stopped being so Anglo-centric and slanted anyway. The cynical among us will proudly decipher these loons as Frenchcore rip-offs of The Briefs, but then again, aren’t The Briefs just the literal descendents of The Adverts, The Boys, Toy Dolls, and others?  Plus, France, which is usually ground zero for the Serge Gainsbourg hip lounge set, is not exactly known for years and years as punk paradise, though there are a few heavyweights you need to search out and buy up, like Les Thugs and Metal Urbain. This is an extended EP of sorts, shopped as “bile flavored bubblegum bum Pogo Punk,” which does catch and release the one-minute dog-howling breathless brilliance of “Tete Malde / Sick in the Head.”

To read the full review, visit Left of the Dial here.


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